5 reasons to invest in custom software

5 reasons to invest in custom software
By  Admin  |   23 Jul 2021

The market, increasingly competitive, has demanded greater flexibility from organizations, but for entrepreneurs, the question that arises is: how to manage so many processes and increase team productivity without breaking the budget?

Achieving better results and optimizing the workflow is possible, as long as the company bets on the integration of processes and invests in technology. With that, custom software is considered a solution and brings numerous benefits to companies. 

Want to know why your company should invest in custom software? Keep reading and discover the business benefits of this innovative technology. 

What is custom software?

Custom software is a system developed according to the needs of a company. Its main objective is to enhance operational and administrative processes in a more effective way compared to ready-made software.

In this model, the developer knows the company's core business in depth to create a solution based on the particularities and characteristics of the business and thus offer appropriate functions and services. 

What are the advantages of the custom software? 

Now that you know how the custom software works, you may be wondering: how can it help your business? 

Know the main advantages of custom software:   

Great cost-benefit

We must agree that investing in a bespoke solution requires investment, right? What you don't know is that custom software is more cost-effective than off-the-shelf software. 

As much as in the deployment phase, custom software may seem more expensive, managers do not regret choosing this option. This is because the money invested is destined for the most adequate solution, whose return is collected in the medium and long term and reflected in other processes, as we will see below.

Increased process efficiency

Another advantage of custom software is that it makes it easier to connect company data, as the tool makes integration between areas possible. 

With this, the workflow becomes more agile and efficient, as the sectors can maintain an optimized communication. Thus, noise is eliminated, increasing process efficiency and reducing errors that can cost more down the road. 

Elimination of unnecessary features

Off-the-shelf applications come with predefined functionality and often end up not being functional for businesses. These items end up sitting on employees' computers, but remain included in the program's license. 

On the other hand, with custom software this does not happen, as the system can be improved with improvements and customization as the company identifies the need, that is, it only pays for what it actually uses. 

Technological Integration 

Another reason that more and more companies have been investing in custom software is the program's ability to bring together all the technology demands in one place. 

By choosing custom software, for example, your business will be able to create a Big Data that is common to all the systems used. From there, it will be possible to efficiently collect, analyze and process data, generating important insights and supporting the decision-making process. 

Ease of implementation

Overall, implementing custom software is much easier than off-the-shelf software. 

As the system was created based on the company's operating protocols, being adapted according to the needs, the training time for employees to adapt to the program is very short. 

In addition, the bespoke option does not require the interruption of activities to be put into operation, which ends up being a requirement for many ready-made programs. 

The custom software is a very advantageous alternative for corporations in terms of improving their work flow. In addition, following the company's system creation process is culturally good, as employees will be able to help in the development and creation of a better solution.

Like to know why companies are looking for custom software? So find out what to evaluate in software companies before hiring one to develop the system for your business. 

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