eCommerce platforms: is nopCommerce the best choice?

eCommerce platforms: is nopCommerce the best choice?
By  Admin  |   12 Aug 2021

A wide range of possibilities can make it difficult to choose a platform to host your e-commerce, right? The best way to do this is to analyze the features and functionality that each one offers until you find the one that best fits your needs. Did you know that nopCommerce can be a great option? Read on and check out 7 reasons for you to create your virtual store on nopCommerce:

What is nopCommerce

nopCommerce is an open-source platform with great flexibility and is completely available for use. It is used world-wide and offers both front-end features such as the product catalog and shopping cart, as well as a full administration tool. Check out other benefits of adopting nopCommerce as your online store platform:

nopCommerce Advantages

Unlimited customization

As an open-source platform, nopCommerce offers a flexible architecture that allows you to customize any process your company needs. It is possible, for example, to integrate with your corporate ERP system, marketing services, corporate sales tools, and also with any sales and service channel available in the market, such as Paypal,  Amazon or FedEx. 

Infinity of plugins

As well as being extremely customizable, nopCommerce also offers a multitude of plugins, themes and extensions so that you can further improve your store and your service. 

Advanced SEO Features

It's no use investing so much in a store if it doesn't show up to potential customers, right? Knowing this, nopCommerce developers have dedicated themselves to offering a search engine optimization (SEO) tool so that your store ranks well and has lots of organic traffic.

Responsive platform

Did you know that 82% of internet purchases are made through smartphones? So imagine the impact a fully responsive store can have on your sales. nopCommerce supports a mobile version of your website with an attractive, feature-rich showcase and provides means for retailers to deliver immediately relevant offers, promotions, and products. The mobile responsive version works on any connected device, without requiring extra development or add-ons.

Payment methods

nopCommerce partners are the leading payment processing companies. This means you can make exclusive marketing offers and pricing packages. In addition, it is possible to filter which card modes will be accepted and it also offers a great refund and cancellation policy.

Customer convenience

You would agree that it is very pleasant to open a store's website and be able to log in with social media or email, right? Well, customer convenience is one of nopCommerce's priorities and this is just one of the functions that the platform offers. 

Support from staff and community

With nopCommerce, you are never alone, as you can ask questions with the company's team and in the various discussion forums that users feed themselves. In other words, you can count on the support of real people who use the same resources as you. There you can ask questions about any subject, such as design, development, how to make reports, announcements, events and much more.

Did you like to know how nopCommerce can be the best platform for your e-commerce? So get in touch with us and open your webshop right now. We can do all the development part, while you only care about being part of the 190 million online sales that were made in Brazil, just last year. 


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