Find out the 5 best after-sales actions to build customer loyalty

Find out the 5 best after-sales actions to build customer loyalty
By  Admin  |   27 Apr 2021

A successful business aims at clients prospects, makes use of tactics to convert leads into sales and, of course, actions to retain customers and keep them close. 

What do you do after selling a product or service? Are you grateful and let the consumer go away or leave your network? If that’s the case, you’re making a big mistake!

After-sales actions are essential to maintain your customer portfolio and create business opportunities, both with current and new customers.

Want to know how it works? Keep reading and know what are the most effective actions to retain your customers, generating greater results for your company!! 

What is after-sales? 

Before considering loyalty, it is important to know what post-sale actions are. They are all the strategies executed after the act of purchase, such as a contact via email, promotion notice, providing a discount on a second sale, among other things. The main objective of these actions is to make the customer feel special, to buy from you again and, perhaps, even to advertise for free. 

See how these measures impact your sales? 

As important as it is, many entrepreneurs do not give the necessary attention after the customer goes out their door. To prove that, Sebrae  (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service) revealed in a survey that about 85% of Brazilian companies have never taken an after-sales action. Quite surprising, right? 

How to build customer loyalty?

Building customer loyalty is not an easy task, but it’s not impossible. Well, with some techniques you can considerably increase your chances of success. Check out some suggestions below: 

1 - Ask for feedback

Value the opinion of the people who support you! This helps you to improve your service, products and services. And don't be frustrated by the criticisms, you must understand them as an opportunity for growth!

2 - Offer exclusive gifts

Who doesn't like a treat? Giving gifts is a longtime strategy, but it still works wonders! When you offer a reward to customers, they get more satisfied and feel like wanting to come back.

3 - Create loyalty programs

Loyalty programs strengthen the relationship between company and customer, since they improve their connections and finally expand the results. So, invest in a program designed to please customers, but don't forget, it needs to be fruitful for both sides!

4 - Remember special dates

If you don't keep in touch with your customers, your business goes off their radar. Don't be the type of company that makes people think "I bought a product or hired a service and we’re done".

Make customers feel special. Send messages on important and commemorative dates! Just as you remembered it, they will remember your brand when needed!

5 -  Fulfil your promise

There is nothing more disappointing than someone promising you something and not fulfilling it, right? Establish the following rule in your company: if you promised a discount, a new product, an alternative payment method, stick to it! Promise is a debt! 

Now that you know the best after-sales actions, how about learning how to put them into practice?

Use technology to your advantage

Technology is key to managing processes. In addition to reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of activities, it can also be a good ally when implementing after-sales actions. 

So, if you want to retain your customers, take advantage of the tools available on the market and get ahead of the competition! 

Don’t know where to start? Learn about gamification technique and take the advantages it offers for your company!

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