Learn how to convert leads into customers with these 5 practical tips

Learn how to convert leads into customers with these 5 practical tips
By  Admin  |   20 Apr 2021

In the marketing world, Lead generation is one of the most important to get new customers and generate the expected results for the company! The big challenge, however, is to turn the prospect's interest into a sale. But how do you do that?

To make the conversion, the marketing team needs to have a good lead maintenance strategy. If your company still doesn't do it, it's time to start it.

Continue reading this text and know some practical actions to generate more sales for your business:

What are leads?

Leads are those people who know the company and have already shown interest in the purchase. A contact becomes a potential customer when they fill out a form, request a quote or register an account on the company's website.

However, despite considering leads as a key part of the sales funnel, a company cannot survive on them alone. So, it is crucial to spend time with the customer's relationship and journey to make the conversion, understand more about this process below:

How to convert leads in sales? 

The main point to convert leads into sales is to maintain potential customers, that is: it is key to invest in strategies to make them progress in the sales funnel until they feel ready to make the purchase. Check out some examples of what you can do:

Show the brand benefits 

Before deciding to buy, the lead wants to be sure that it is worth spending money on the product or service that your company is offering.

For this moment, our tip for you is to highlight your business differentiations and convince the potential customer that your company's solution is better than the competition's.

Invest in social media

Any place can be used to find a sales opportunity, but if there’s a place that we know the leads are in, that’s social networks. So, having a profile on Instagram, Facebook or another network, connects the company to the public, strengthens the brand and can even serve as a sales platform.

Be aware that it is not useful to simply create a profile on social networks and leave as it is! You need to feed the pages with relevant content so that leads are attracted and know that your business is out there, apart from creating ads.

Create relevant content

To encourage the potential customers to learn more about the company, they need to have access to relevant content. Nurturing the lead with blog articles, newsletters and email marketing actions are some good alternatives!

Be careful with your content quality and post frequency. Don’t let your lead forget that you’re there! 

Use CTAs

CTA is the acronym for Call to Action, which is an invitation for the user to make a move planned by the marketing team.

The most popular CTA format is a call to download a rich material, such as an ebook, infographic, tutorials, among others. It can be added to the site in the form of links, banners, buttons, landing pages, among other alternatives.

CTAs are used to attract potential customers to the sales funnel, convincing them to take the next step and even, who knows, make the deal.

Create experiences

The more personalized the company's service to the potential customer is, the more special he will feel. In addition to offering the solution for the lead, it is also possible to offer a promotion, an event or something exclusive that arouses a feeling and, in the future, even interest in the purchase.

Now that you know how to convert leads into sales, how about learning more about digital marketing? It can be a great ally when developing strategies to convince the potential customer!

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