What to evaluate in software companies before hiring?

What to evaluate in software companies before hiring?
By  Admin  |   01 Mar 2021

The number of companies offering software development is huge in the market and, for this reason, it is increasingly difficult to know which one to hire. However, a wrong choice can have several negative consequences, such as poor quality of work, loss of productivity and a drop in company earnings. To help you with that, we listed 06 suggestions of things to evaluate before making a deal. Check it out: 

How to evaluate software development companies

Before analysing who will work with you, you have to understand which are your needs and which are the processes that your company wants to enhance with the hiring. After that, rate the following points:

The company needs to build trust

Trust is the first point to be considered, since it is necessary to establish a credible relationship between the developer and the user to achieve good results.

So, pay attention to how the company treats its employees, old customers, assets and the way it acts in times of crisis, as these are where good brands stand out.

Your candidate must be flexible and offer support

When developing software, the company must offer adequate support and be flexible to adapt the system to the new needs of customers. So pay attention to how your candidate is assisting its hirers.

Assess software factory reputation and tradition

Normally, software development companies are quite young in the market, but still, it’s possible to find out if your candidate has a good reputation in delivering solutions that clients need. Another point to be considered is the company's legacy in the sector: Are the values it values ​​the same as what you strive for?

 Has the software development company worked with your niche?

Check if the possible contractor already has experience with software development in your niche, because if it does, you can use the previous experience to increase the performance of your system.

Does the candidate fit your budget?

The market offers different price ranges for hiring, so it is important that you have a clear budget available to choose a particular company. There are several cases in which each procedure has a price and there are others in which you hire the software developer to develop your system completely. Make sure everything fits in your pocket before signing the contract!

Extra tip: Read the full contract

As obvious as it may seem, it is common to hear about people who signed contracts without reading and then realized issues that they had not agreed to. One of the most popular is when there is no possibility of breach of contract, which means that the contractor has to keep the contractor even if the service offered does not meet expectations. To avoid this type of problem, read the entire contract before signing and, if possible, be accompanied by a lawyer.

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