Excel x Management Softwares: which one should you use?

Excel x Management Softwares: which one should you use?
By  Admin  |   30 Mar 2021

Organizing accounts, documents and internal processes are common activities in any company and choosing a tool to manage all of these can make a big difference when it comes to achieving good results.

Excel spreadsheets and custom software are the most popular options in the market to manage information because, besides registering, they help you in controlling, consulting and analysing data. Now you must be asking yourself: which one should I use in my company? Keep reading this text and find out the best option and more adequate for your business needs:

What is the difference between spreadsheets and software? 

Widely used, Excel spreadsheets are tools that allow the registration and organization of company data. For more experienced users, they can even serve as a “mini” software, as they perform complex calculations, graphs and diagrams.

Unlike spreadsheets, custom softwares is programs designed to meet the demands of a company. They are not limited to a single functionality and can be integrated with other systems, improving results management.

The big difference between the two tools is the fact that the spreadsheets need to be fed manually, while the software does the filing, analysis and storage of data in an automated and immediate way. Below are the main advantages and disadvantages of each of the systems:

Excel Advantages and Disadvantages 

Excel spreadsheets are very popular because they do not require implementation costs, are simple to use and operate without an internet connection.

On the other hand, they work on the basis of formulas, some even very complex for certain functions, they are fed manually, they offer the risk of data loss if they are not saved correctly and they require computer power, since they can become heavy and slow over time.

Software Advantages and Disadvantages

Custom software offers great benefits, as they are designed to solve specific problems of a company.

They can perform a variety of functions, such as storing data in an automated way, conducting research quickly, archiving information from different sectors in one place, changing processes according to the needs of the company, in addition to ensuring security in storage, among many other things.

But, as not everything is perfect, the main disadvantage of using software is the need to hire a company specialized in development to maintain the system. In addition, most personalized programs depend on the internet to function.

Pay attention to your business needs

Each company is unique and has specific demands, so the choice of the management tool should be done with caution. Before making any decisions, understand your company's needs and answer the following questions:

  • Which tool is capable of meeting all processes? 

  • Which one will help me save time?

  • Which gives less room for error?

  • Which one is more flexible?

  • Which program offers more security?

Write down the pros and cons of each system and make the comparisons, so it gets easier to make the right choice!

Still don't know which tool to choose? We can analyze your business and develop software tailored to your needs. Contact us: easy@easycomtec.com 


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