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Discover 5 real cases of companies that use Big Data

Large companies have bet on Big Data to process information and identify new business opportunities

By Admin  |   14 Jul 2021
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Have you heard of software factories? Understand how it works

Software factories offer advantages such as quality of service, customization, cost reduction and outsourcing of responsibilities

By Admin  |   09 Apr 2021
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Excel x Management Softwares: which one should you use?

Many companies do not use software due to lack of knowledge, but finding the ideal program for your business needs is easier than it seems

By Admin  |   30 Mar 2021
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What to evaluate in software companies before hiring?

Analyzing the software development company you intend to hire ensures that the partnership is successful. Find out which points are crucial!

By Admin  |   01 Mar 2021
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Have you considered investing in startups?

By Admin  |   19 Nov 2019
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Tesla Autopilot Full Self-Driving in Autonomy Day

Tesla Autopilot, Full Self-Driving in Autonomy Day

By Admin  |   23 Apr 2019
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already part of your day. Check here how it works.

By Admin  |   15 Aug 2018
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