Have you heard of software factories? Understand how it works

Have you heard of software factories? Understand how it works
By  Admin  |   09 Apr 2021

Imagine that your business activities need to be optimized, or that a new application for your customers would increase your income by 30%, and also, think about increasing your productivity if you automate the simple processes of your day to day?

Cool huh? These and many other improvements can be created easily if you hire a software factory!

Software factories are there to supply the digital or operational needs of a company, with agility. They develop customized systems, tailored to attend the customer and use quality and productivity indicators at each stage of the service cycle. 

Do you want to understand more about the operation of a software factory and its main advantages? Keep reading this article!

How does a software factory work?

To better understand how a software factory works, imagine a textile industry. Instead of producing just one model of T-shirt in a specific size, the factory has the capacity to create an entire collection, with different models, colors and sizes.

Bringing this example to the field of software development, the term “factory” is used to refer to speed, large-scale production and productivity. By having object and component oriented programming, software factories spend less time and have reduced costs for systems development.

Structure of a software factory

In general, software factories have a structure composed of customer service, production planning and control, production, quality, assurance and support:  

Customer Service

In this area, the accountables reach the customer to understand their needs and expectations related to the service.

Planning and production control

This sector allocates resources, establishes deadlines and defines the objects to be developed.


As the name implies, here the production and development work takes place, effectively.

Quality and Assurance

After finalizing the product, this area is responsible for verifying that all the specifications required by the customer have been met.


If necessary, the support team will assist the customer in possible occurrences.

Advantages of hiring a software factory

The software factory offers several solutions for the client, check out the main advantages below:

Quality of service and commitment to delivery time

When a company decides to develop software internally, it is unlikely that the team will be able to dedicate full time to the project. On the other hand, in an outsourced company, the reality is different.

When hiring a software factory you get the full attention of the team that is developing your system. In this way, the risks of delay are reduced, not least because the contract already defines the delivery term, SLA (Service Level Agreement) and quality requirements.


One of the main advantages of hiring a software factory is having a program developed exclusively for your company. No ready-made, standardized tools with unnecessary functionality.

Customized software is able to meet the needs of your business and reduces the adaptation time of your employees, since the program can also be developed based on their feedback. The process, as a whole, becomes much more productive!

Cost Reduction

Betting in customized software requires investment, but the costs can be easily reduced if your company is clear about their goal and needed features for the development of the program. And when you have a trustworthy partner, things work out in a simpler, faster and smarter way!

Now that you know how a software factory works, how about learning how to evaluate companies before hiring them?

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