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How to start your Digital Marketing strategy?

Digital Marketing is done through a set of activities performed on the internet to achieve well-defined goals, such as attracting new business, creating a closer relationship with customers or developing a brand identity

By Admin  |   10 Jun 2021
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Process mapping: How and why to implement it in your business?

This technique can be applied in several segments and business models. Concisely, it consolidates key points for the functioning of a company

By Admin  |   10 Jun 2021
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The difference between front end and back end in web development

Front end and back end are two areas of web development with important functions for a digital business; know why

By Admin  |   27 May 2021
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Do you want to start your own IT business? Check how much do you need for initial investment

Starting an IT company requires more than knowledge about information technology, since understanding the business world is essential to achieve success.

By Admin  |   27 May 2021
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7 tips to improve your company's competitiveness

Is your company overshadowed by the competitors? Learn how to improve competitiveness and boost your business

By Admin  |   27 May 2021
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5 steps to create an application without knowing how to program

Creating an application for your company is simpler than you think; learn how to do this by following 5 steps

By Admin  |   30 Apr 2021
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Learn what an IT support company does

Having an IT support team prevents technical problems from delaying the growth of a company

By Admin  |   28 Apr 2021
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Find out the 5 best after-sales actions to build customer loyalty

The relationship with the consumer must be maintained even after the sale; know why

By Admin  |   27 Apr 2021
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Newsletter and email marketing: know the difference

Do you know what is the difference between newsletter and email marketing? Although both are part of the digital marketing world, the two strategies have different goals

By Admin  |   22 Apr 2021
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